None of us could have ever guessed that the EndoWorld Project could grow into such a mighty tree with deep-seated roots, currently growing rapidly, and fruitfully towards a more exciting future. During the years, many friends and colleagues that have participated to our courses and events asked us to become a part of such an extraordinary and lively group. That’s why our “family” is expanding and becoming greater day by day and improving our networking with friends and colleagues from all around the globe.

At present, the workgroups involved in our network are as follows, but their number is bound to increase in the next few years… If you are interested to learn more about our network and if you would like to join us, you can contact the EndoWorld Project scientific coordinators by e-mail at

These are the workgroups that are present at the moment:


  • Italy - Varese: Paolo Castelnuovo/Davide Locatelli
  • Italy - Bologna: Giorgio Frank/Ernesto Pasquini
  • Italy - Brescia: Piero Nicolai
  • Italy - Naples: Paolo Cappabianca
  • Spain - Barcelona: Manuel Bernal-Sprekelsen
  • Austria - Graz: Heinz Stammberger/Michael Mokry
  • France - Paris: Philippe Herman

USA/South America

  • USA - Milwaukee, WI: Amin Kassam
  • USA - Columbus, OH: Ricardo Carrau/Daniel Prevedello
  • USA - Pittsburgh, PA: Karl Snydermann/Paul Gardner
  • USA - New York, NY: Vijay Anand/Theodore Schwartz
  • USA - Philadelphia, PA: James Evans/Marc Rosen
  • Brazil - Sao Paolo: Aldo Stamm/Eduardo Vellutini


  • Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur: Narayanan Prepageran